Colorado Bankruptcy Law Process

Most people facing the prospect of Bankruptcy and the Colorado Bankruptcy Law process are under pressure, intimidated and want to avoid it all together. Adam A. Tirella, Bankruptcy Lawyer Denver, can help you understand the bankruptcy process in Denver Courts, and guide you through the steps you can take to get the debt relief you need and deserve. With Tirella Bankruptcy Law Firm’s help, you can get through the bankruptcy process expeditiously, properly, and in an organized way.

Denver Bankruptcy Steps

One should not be intimidated by bankruptcy laws and courts. Tirella Bankruptcy is a debt relief law firm that can take you through the process so you can prevent or stop foreclosure, repossessions, and harassing phone calls from creditors.

Free Initial Consultation: At Tirella Bankruptcy Law Firm, you will have a one-to-one relationship with Adam A. Tirella, and will meet him at your initial consultation for free.

Client Engagement: Once you become a valued client of Tirella Bankruptcy, we will initiate a process where we begin taking phone calls from your creditors, and represent you.

Bankruptcy Type: We will recommend what type of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or 13, or others is most suitable for your case once we have analyzed your debts.

Bankruptcy Petition: Adam A. Tirella will assist you in preparing your bankruptcy petition correctly and efficiently.

Petition Review: Prior to submitting your petition for bankruptcy, Adam Tirella will review it with you, so you are perfectly clear and understand all of the terms and conditions in the petition.

Petition Filing: Tirella Bankruptcy Law prepares your petition and files in according to the highest standards of bankruptcy law in Denver Colorado.

Section 341 Meeting: We advise and assist you at creditor meetings, and represent your interests in these meetings.

Reaffirmation Agreements: Tirella Bankruptcy Law will assist you in deciding if a reaffirmation agreement is in your best interests, and if needed, help you negotiate a reaffirmation agreement with your creditor(s).

Trustee Requests: You must respond to all trustee requests. We can assist in ensuring your rights are protected.

Chapter 7: This form of bankruptcy discharges you of all eligible debts.

Chapter 13: Tirella Bankruptcy Law represents you at a confirmation hearing and assist with any necessary modifications to your bankruptcy plan.

Confirmation: Adam A. Tirella will make certain your bankruptcy plan is confirmed by the Bankruptcy Courts in Denver.

Plan Representation: Your plan is not set in stone once it is approved. Adjustments can be made to the plan if necessary, and Adam A. Tirella will represent you during the life of your plan.

Discharges: You are officially relieved of all debts.

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Once you are ready to take your first step toward bankruptcy and debt relief, contact Adam A. Tirella for your free initial consultation.

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