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“Last year I was in serious financial distress due to a paycut and divorce. My house was underwater and I was maxed out on all my credit cards. I had no idea what to do or what bankruptcy even was about. After my consultation with Mr. Tirella, I felt immediately at ease. We discussed my options and he was patient, articulate and professional in doing so. Eventually Mr. Tirella helped me get rid of my credit card debt. He also allowed me to stop paying on my second mortgage *and* lower the payments on my car which was also upside down. A year later, I can honestly say Mr. Tirella’s services helped me save my house and car, and allowed me to gain a fresh start in life.”Amy S., August 2011

“I just wanted to send in a review of my experiences with Mr. Tirella.  I was in a terrible financial situation and needed help.  I was so confused and so relieved that Mr. Tirella and the firm were so compassionate, caring and understanding.  Because of him I was able to erase my second mortgage and credit card debts.  I highly recommend Mr. Tirella for bankruptcy services in Denver.” M. Wesley, August 2011

“Working with Adam to complete my bankruptcy filing was a pleasure! Adam is always professional, kind, and he responds promptly to phone calls and emails. I was fortunate to find an attorney with a personality and demeanor that helped to keep me calm under stressful circumstances. Thanks Adam!”Lisa, August 2011

“I found Mr. Tirella to be extremely conscientious and competent while handling my bankruptcy. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking professional, dignified services while going through a bankruptcy.”Linda F. August 2011

“Hello My name is Rosalina and I’m one of Adam Tirella’s favorite clients (his head ache) and I just wanted to say this about him: Adam is the most down to earth knowledgeable person I know he keeps it real. And the prices are good for the hard ships many citizen’s face nowadays. I LOVE HIM HE IS THE BEST.”Rosalina R. MA, August 2011

“Helped me alot”
Client Review:
“I lost my job in January and was getting really scared about all the collection people calling me. I talked to a few different attorneys before I decided to talk to Mr. Ariola. I am so glad I did talk to him. Mr. Ariola explained the process of bankruptcy to me and we filed my case very fast, and helped me with my work pay being garnished. I absolutely recommend him for your chapter 13.” Chapter 13 Client, July 2011,

“Great Experience, Great Price”
Client Review: “Mr. Ariola-Tirella really helped me out in my time of need. He was patient, knowledgable, highly communicative, and showed sincere care for my situation.”
Chapter 13 client, February 2011,

Client Review: “Mr. Tirella did a great job on my bankruptcy. He was efficient easy to contact with any questions and extremely informative. I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of a great and dependable bankruptcy attorney!”
amberdiz001, October 17, 2010,

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